At CC Phone, we provide a safe and reliable means of communication in times of emergency. CCphone 911 Dialing service operates differently than traditional 911, and because your safety is important to us, you'll just have to fill out a short form during the sign up process that tells us the street address where you will be using your CC Phone service. Call our Customer Support and make sure 911 is enabled for you
Fax to email
With CCeFax, receiving a fax is as easy as opening email. You will receive an email with a PDF or JPEG attachment to an email address you specify.
Email to FAX
Sending faxes is as easy attaching a file to an email (PDF,JPEG). Simply address your email to the recipient's fax number followed by "@fax.ccphone.com “
( Ex: 123456789@fax.ccphone.com )
we'll send your attachment to your recipient's fax machine and provide you with an email confirmation.
CceFax has the largest available inventory of fax numbers: local or toll-free/freephone numbers are available in 3,500 cities across. You Can forward this number to Our FaxBox Directly, No need have any Fax machine which save your pocket , all the fax to this number automatically forward the Email address you attached , you can receive your fax any where from .
Caller ID with Name
When you receive a call, the number of the person that is calling you will be displayed. Calls to paid extra yearly Fee applied numbers you have purchased on your CC Phone account will also show the Caller ID Name for calls that contain a US or Canadian Caller ID number.Caller ID Name is included for $15 yearly on all numbers purchased from CCphone
Speed Dial
You can save frequently calling numbers through online, each number you can save with 1#, 2# up to 99# numbers you can save in this feature. When it will ask the number simply press the short key , the system will dial the pre saved number automatically . its very easy to use , its dial accurate number.
Direct Dial
Direct dial service’s most interesting features is that it allows you to set up local numbers in over 5 countries that you can then assign them to your international contacts, you can use your landline or mobile phone to call a local number you have assigned to a given contact and then have CCPHONE automatically connect this call to the international number.
Ex: 832-777-0000 taxes number you save as your Dad number in INDIA ie, 011919922331133 , you save your Dad Indian number as Texas number, when you dial Texas number its automatically system dial Indian number and connect
Record your Calls
Record Your all incoming and outgoing Calls Automatically with a minimum fee
3 months of archive. Keep your recordings private or share.
Visual Voicemail
With free CCphone Visual Voicemail, you can:

• Listen to voicemail messages in any order you choose from an email-like inbox
• Play and delete messages with ease
• Make callbacks from the voicemail screen
• Manage voicemail features
• Download Mp3 format

Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding allows you to forward all of your incoming calls to another phone number in USA or Canada. The system will automatically place a courtesy call to assigned forward-to number. If the forward-to party answers the courtesy call, the feature is activated.
24 / 7 Whasapp Customer Chat Support
Our 24/7 Whatsapp Chat Support for Device , Sales, Porting and Shipping, please add our numbers into your cellphone and Start chatting
do not call directly .. please chat only on whatsapp

Sales Support: +1 832 - 406 - 1185

Device Support: +1 281 - 670 - 4772

Billing/Shipping: +1 281 - 416 - 6800
Easy Customer Support By dial 1234#
Please dial 1234# from our Home Phone or Mobile Apps, Which is directly ring to our call center
Cloud Phone Book By dial 000#
Please Login into your account and Save Frequently calling international numbers online, up to 99 numbers you can save online, take your home phone and dial 000# and it will ask for Speed dial short cut , please dial it ( 1#, 2# up to 99#) its will connect the saved number.
IOS / Android Apps
Use our mobile apps
A calling app for world travellers, busy experts,
and small businesses that want to look big.
View in Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play.
Anonimous call block
Please login to your account and add the number which you getting always fake calls or business calls
World Wide Access Numbers
you can use our World wide access numbers without any extra charge
following countries are available
1. Australia
2. New Zealand
3. USA
4. Canada
5. UK
Cloud Voicemail
You can check your Voicemail from our Apps
or by dial 123# from home phone or apps
Free International Roaming
If you are a traveler, if you are anywhere in the globe , just connect our apps with WIFI and call anywhere in the world without any roaming charges, Our apps is VPN bind one, its works normally in Dubai , Saudi normal as anywhere
Voice Mail on Apps
You can check your Home phone voice mail on our CCphone Mobile Apps. You will get Notification on mobile if voicemail come
Cloud Incoming calls on Apps
when you receive a incoming calls to your landline , its automatically ring to your Ccphone app on cell phone. You attend your home phone calls when you are in office just keep log our mobile app